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Constant Change

Change is constant and can be unsettling even to the most flexible organizations. It is swift, potent and requires shifting goals and priorities at record speed. Understanding how change happens is not enough. Strategic goals need to be built with change as a key component. A “what if change" element can be the difference that makes a difference.   

Exceptional Teams

Exceptional teams are the competitive advantage in today’s global economy. These teams are temporary- assembled and disassembled- based upon needs: unique skills; knowledge; specific capabilities. Teams are created based upon the organization’s strategic goals. As goals are achieved, teams are re-built to tap their individual competencies against the next set of priorities. Building exceptional teams is organized chaos and requires different skill sets for team leaders as well as upper management.

Performance Coaching

Performance Coaching is an unique, intensive four-month process which concentrates on three overarching leadership skills/behaviors: Communication, Strategic Thinking and Leadership. Specific outcomes are identified in alignment with the organization’s strategic goals. It builds off  an individual’s competencies and experience; requires commitment from both the coach and coachee; and uses an ongoing test/fail approach for achieving actual results.

Strategic Planning Competence

Successful strategic plans begin with an organization’s vision. Today’s strategic plans are shorter in duration – three years is optimal. TKG’s strategic planning approach is outcomes-driven. Working together with your team, we structure a plan towards specific, measurable actions. This makes the difference between “paper plans” and working plans.

Are you managing change, or is it managing you?

Change is a process – let THE KENNEDY GROUP  be your guide.

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